About Me

All about Christy + her photography studio

Hello! My name is Christy Bode, owner and photographer at Christy Bode Photography (although that's probably pretty obvious :)). I'm glad you're here! I grew up in the small town of Nicollet, just outside of Mankato, and after returning home from college and meeting my now husband, eventually landed permanently in North Mankato where myself, husband and three boys (Connor, Grayson and Oliver) now live.

I have always loved photography. I always had the camera. I was always taking pictures. And I never deleted a picture. "There is no deletion of a picture, only compilation of the good ones" I believe was my motto while studying abroad in Scotland in college....but I digress. The thought of becoming a professional photographer, ie doing something this FUN for a living, NEVER crossed my mind. Not until 2012 when I had enough people ask me to take pictures of their kids that I took the plunge, made a 'logo' (if you could call it that, ha!), and started a Facebook page. My desire to improve became pretty intense, taking classes, hours spent online researching and lots and lots of practice. I have so many clients that were there in the beginning and are still with me today and for that I am so grateful, it is because of them that I am here today. In Spring of 2014 I made the leap to full time status, leaving my corporate job behind me. I feel so blessed to be able to do something I truly love and be able to spend more quality time with my family. My husband also thought this meant he would get less frozen pizzas for supper...that part of the transition hasn't quite happened yet :) Someday!


My photography journey has really taken me on many paths, which really has been a lot of fun. From babies to families to weddings and more. As I learn and grow, I know in my heart that being a Mankato Newborn Photographer is where my passion lies. I love babies. Always have, always will. It gives me no greater joy than to create beautiful images of your brand new baby that you will cherish forever. We all know that babies don't keep, but the photos will.

I look forward to meeting you and your family. Email me at [email protected] to learn more or book a session!

The Studio


The studio is located in the old Brandt building, now Gerlach building, at 443 Belgrade Avenue in lower North Mankato. The vibe in lower North is so casual and fun, I love it down here! I occupy the corner suite with a private entrance that faces Center Street.


I get asked often if clients need to bring anything to the studio. The answer is a definitely not, ha. I have props coming out of every possible space in the studio (you'll see!), but I do love when clients bring in something sentimental to their family to incorporate into a session.

In addition to props for newborns, I also stock outfits for babies ages 3 months to 18 months (even up to two years...depending on the kiddo!) so if you continue on with having me capture your little one throughout their first year, I have lots of outfits for you!

And lastly, I also carry maternity dresses and gowns. These are some of my favorite things in the prop closet that I offer to clients! Many of the dresses you see on my Facebook page are likely from my studio closet.

keepin' it clean

I already strived to maintain a clean and safe environment in my studio before the pandemic of 2020 hit, but have definitely added additional measures and cleaning routines. All high-contact areas are cleaned between sessions, as is my gear and any props used. Please let me know if you have any questions regarding this topic, I want you to feel comfortable and safe!

The bench

Ah, the bench! One of my most favorite things. As you drive past, you may notice some of my littlest clients featured on the city bench right outside my studio door. Every few months I hold a 'contest', babies with the most likes win their spot on the bench for a month or so! Every newborn client of mine has the option to participate in the contest. Wish I had 5 benches outside, ha!

Mankato's best

Although I am never one to 'brag'...I have been pretty honored to place 2nd in Mankato's Best of Contest (Best Photographer) for a few years and in 2020, placed 1st! I was even featured on the cover of the Mankato Magazine! (Altho if I’m being honest I nearly threw up when I saw it for the first time, ha!