black and white vs color | mankato newborn photography

It’s time again for a newborn blog circle :) What is that might you ask? Ha. There’s such a great community of newborn photographers and I’m so proud to be among them and call them friends. A few of us have teamed up to blog about various topics every now and again linking to each other so you can just keep linking to the next photographer to see more adorable squishy little babies. Fun, right?

This month’s topic is all about black and white vs color. I’d say about 99% of the time, I prefer the color version for newborns but every so often, a black and white shot catches my eye. Some photographers only provide certain images in black and white in a finished gallery and some provide every image in black and white. Neither is wrong! I offer all my images to clients in color and black and white…I am a firm believer that not every image looks great in black and white, but, I’d rather provide clients a quality black and white conversion vs just hitting a button on sites like Shutterfly, etc., I worked in the print industry far too long to be okay with that :)

Anyways, the black and white shots I typically like for newborns are very simple, just baby, maybe a wrap, and fairly naturally posed. Another fave is parent or sibling shots. Black and white makes them just so classic and timeless.

So, what’s your favorite?


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